Single Source Development Solutions

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Who We Are

We are an Architecture and Engineering firm in the tri-state area offering single-source solutions for a variety of development projects.

By working with Metro AE, you’ll benefit from a sole point of contact for your project from beginning to end which results in the highest quality coordination in design and documentation.

What We Do

As an architecture and engineering firm, we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients a streamlined end to end service.

All of our projects are worked on simultaneously by both our designers and engineers which allows for faster design innovation, streamlined coordination, and eliminates communication lags and coordination challenges.

Single Point of Contact

Seamless. Stress-free.

Single Point of Contact

Seamless. Stress-free.

No more communication lags or coordination challenges between offices.

With both designers and engineers in house, we’re able to handle all kinds of projects from start to finish.

End to End Service

Streamlined. Efficient.

End to End Service

Streamlined. effecient.

When we assess potential project sites we are able to approach it with the entire project in mind – from conception to finalization.

Because of our unique position to bring together both designers and engineers, this centralizes the design expertise and streamlines the entire process.

Swift Innovation

Increased Creativity and Productivity


Increased Creativity and Productivity.

All of Metro AE projects are worked on simultaneously by both designers and engineers in the same location.

Not only will this lead to higher quality and quick coordination, but it will also allow for faster innovation in design due to a tight feedback loop between experts.

Relational Approach

Communication. Integrity.

Relational Approach

Communication. Integrity.

Here at Metro AE we believe that any great project starts with vision and passion, and is executed to perfection with a high level of communication and coordination.

We enjoy what we do and work hard to ensure your happiness throughout the entire project.

Architecture | Engineering

Meet The Executive Team

Dave Egarian

Principal | Engineering

For over forty-five years, David Egarian has provided full-service engineering services in both the private and public sectors. Founding D.J. Egarian & Associates in 1994, Mr. Egarian is primarily engaged in water, wastewater, land-use, and MEP engineering in New Jersey and New York.

​As a water and wastewater expert, Mr. Egarian was a member of a United States delegation to the People’s Republic of China assigned to facilitate the technological transfer of sewage and solid waste systems. Mr. Egarian designed the first in-vessel sludge composting plant in New Jersey and performed substantial consul for multiple claims (mechanical, plumbing and electrical) arising from Hurricane Sandy. Also, Mr. Egarian is a mechanical-electrical systems consultant for several major insurance carriers.

Professionally licensed in seven states, one of his projects was awarded the New Jersey Consulting Engineer Council Award for Excellence. Additionally, Mr. Egarian received a patent for his in-vessel composting system.

David Egarian holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from NJIT, as well as an MBA from Rutgers University.

Gregory Ralph

Principal | Architecture

With more than fifteen years of experience in the architectural field, Gregory Ralph, R.A. has worked on a broad range of projects, from planning phases through construction administration, in commercial and mixed-use sectors.

The use of the latest technology is primary in the practice, including 3D laser scanning, modeling, and animations. Additionally, the use of technology throughout design enhances zoning and code compliance through detailed modeling and analysis.

Gregory oversees a team of architects with expertise in interior design, specifications, detailing, and construction project management.
Gregory holds a B.Arch from Roger Williams University, is licensed in 4 states, and is a member of the AIA.


Principal | Design and Production

Mr. Giambattista brings over 30 years of experience managing a wide range of complex projects.

Project disciplines include Architectural design for hospitality, healthcare, warehousing, education, and traditional dwellings, Civil engineering, Surveying, and Environmental.

Drawing from his broad design experience, Mr. Giambattista oversees workflow, design collaboration, and logistics between MetroAEC staff and external resources.

Mr. Giambattista is also responsible for the evaluation and implementation of all design technology used at the firm. This includes CAD, GIS, and any other productivity enhancements required.

Mr. Giambattista is a graduate of NJIT with a BA degree in Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

Jeff Egarian

Principal | Civil Engineering

With more than fifteen years’ experience, Jeffrey D. Egarian, P.E. has worked as a civil engineer at DJ Egarian & Associates, specializing in land-use, water, and wastewater engineering. Mr. Egarian’s ability to integrate his engineering expertise with the latest 3D design software provides expedited design plans that are critical to our clients’ success.

Whether being a point of contact to contractors, providing rapid change plans via 3D design software or managing multiple public and private projects simultaneously, Mr. Egarian’s leadership capabilities and design expertise are vital to any project’s success. His experience allows him to manage and consult on a very diverse group of commercial and residential land-use projects. He understands the demands of his public and private clients and takes pride in working side-by-side with his clients through the design process.

Jeffrey D. Egarian received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from NJIT, and a BS in Business Administration from Widener University.

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